MadSilvArt is not just a brand name, it was a way of expressing my lifestyle. Everywhere I look, I see art. Especially in the simplest things like: a landscape, a bunch of flowers, a house, a plate of food... Using a name that symbolizes what I am and how I see the world has always been a great need.
Madalena's world is to see Beauty in simplicity, in small details, in small moments. Always looking for peace, serenity, introspection, lightness and objectivity.
Since the age of 12, Madalena liked to draw and photoshop her idols, but even so, she had many doubts about which way to go. Over the years and with the pressure from society of having to choose a path, in secondary school, I decided to follow the teaching of Visual Arts. Despite still not understanding what really fascinated her, she always felt the need to be connected to the artistic world. 
Still confused after those 3 years in secondary school, she remembered creating digital content that she loved to do when she was young. That's when the search for colleges and courses began, opting again for a comprehensive area in this artistic world, Audiovisual and Multimedia. 
 It was during the 3 years of the degree that he realized: regardless of the path or professional area he chooses, Art can be in everything he conceived. The creation of Audiovisual and Multimedia content fascinated her and Graphic Design was what, without realizing it, made her trace all the way until then.
In a world loaded with information, where we are exposed to any type of content with different visual styles, MadSilvArt comes to clarify and simplify the art of brands and accompany the visual needs of its partners at all levels.

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